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Joint Clubs Membership Picnic 2024 – WPA Bicycle Club and W@W

Our annual Fall Picnic in Cecil Township Park. Shelter 1.   This year we have invited Women@Work  Bicycling Club to have a joint membership picnic with us.  Also, our ride this year is in memory or Dave Bialosky, our long-time membership chair.  Dave’s obituary is here:  https://obituaries.post-gazette.com/obituary/david-harris-bialosky-1088704352 Jim Logan will lead the 25 mile as a

Membership Lists – Active & Expired

As of 9/3/2023, here are lists of active and expired memberships. Funny story, we don’t exactly know what “PENDING” means, so we put those on the bottom of both lists. You tell us. ACTIVE MEMBERSHIPS First Name Last Name Membership Level Name Expiration Date Status Group Name Jim Armstrong 1-Year Membership 1/1/2024 active   Jorune

June Update – Western PA Bicycle Club

It’s peak riding season with the most daylight of the year. The Cecil group had 15 riders out last night. Team Decaf and been attracting 40 or more. It’s been a month since I’ve ridden with the Sweetwater Thursday ride or the Trek of Robinson ride, but both of them are well attended as well.

April Update – Western PA Bicycle Club

Topics: Weekly Rides are Returning to the Calendar Rides that have returned to the calendar so far: Rides that will show up as the season progresses: Spring Kickoff – Saturday April 29th For our 2023 club Spring Kickoff we are meeting at the McDonald Station trailhead on the Panhandle Trail. The basic plan is that

2023 – Saturday Club Wish List ==> Plan

President Jim is planning to ride most Saturdays this year. He is putting together a ride wish-list and calendar. If he does this all this by himself, several things are clear: Most rides are ultras, and/or they start in Millvale (near his house), or are old club rides he remembers fondly. He needs help. He

March Update – Western PA Bicycle Club

The Randonneurs Ride First Daylight Savings Time starts Sunday March 12. The weather is still unpredictable for another month or two, but we will start to see some rides posted. The group that rides the most consistently over the next several months are the Pittsburgh Randonneurs. While the Randonneurs are affiliated with the Western PA