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April Update – Western PA Bicycle Club

Topics: Weekly Rides are Returning to the Calendar Rides that have returned to the calendar so far: Rides that will show up as the season progresses: Spring Kickoff – Saturday April 29th For our 2023 club Spring Kickoff we are meeting at the McDonald Station trailhead on the Panhandle Trail. The basic plan is that

2023 – Saturday Club Wish List ==> Plan

President Jim is planning to ride most Saturdays this year. He is putting together a ride wish-list and calendar. If he does this all this by himself, several things are clear: Most rides are ultras, and/or they start in Millvale (near his house), or are old club rides he remembers fondly. He needs help. He

March Update – Western PA Bicycle Club

The Randonneurs Ride First Daylight Savings Time starts Sunday March 12. The weather is still unpredictable for another month or two, but we will start to see some rides posted. The group that rides the most consistently over the next several months are the Pittsburgh Randonneurs. While the Randonneurs are affiliated with the Western PA

Club Ride Insurance Update – 2023

The Western PA Bicycle Club (Wheelmen) joins with over 500 other bicycle clubs and over 400 advocacy organizations annually via the League of American Bicyclists in a pooled insurance buy of general liability and accidental medical insurance insurance. General liability insurance provides insurance from third-party liability claims of bodily injury, property damage, and personal and

Two Celebrations the Last Weekend in July!

The Pittsburgh Randonneurs are celebrating De’Anna Caligiuri’s completion of the Trans Am Bike Race Saturday, July 30th at 4 PM at Voodoo Brewery. RBA Dan Blumenfeld announced: “In honor of De’Anna’s Trans Am completion, let’s have an informal get-together on Saturday July 30th…we can ply her with belated rehydration beverages and demand stories of her journey.”