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Club Jersey Buy is Open Through July 15

Order your club jerseys in the club Primal store through Thursday July 15. They will then get made, and the club will distribute them in September. Click through these links for the men’s and women’s jerseys:

Club Picnic on Saturday August 10 in Saltsburg at the Point St Tavern

The Club Picnic and the Rough Diamond Century are sharing the picnic lunch in Saltsburg on August 10. For details on the picnic, click HERE.

Rough Diamond Century on Saturday 10 starting in Millvale. Lunch at the Club Picnic on Saltsburg

Dave Lusher has finalized details for the 2024 Rough Diamond Century. Leaving from Millvale Riverfront Park on Saturday August 10 at 7 AM. Stopping at the club picnic in Saltsburg for lunch. For details on the Rough Diamond Century, click HERE.

President Jim is Recovering from His Mysterious Bike Tumble on June 15

President Jim hit the pavement hard on Main St in Sharpsburg on Saturday June 15. 5 broken ribs, broken collarbone (second time for that one), second lifetime concussion, and a memory gap so he doesn’t exactly know what happened. He recreated from the state of his bike in a Facebook post how it happened (chain dropped on rear, jammed hard, shoe cleat broke, and he tumbled). But he doesn’t know why it happened. Just a really random equipment failure, ran over something, hit something? Anyhow, he spent 10 days in Presby and now he is out.

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