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Thank you for volunteering to lead a ride. Our club success is dependent on volunteers like you. Posting a
ride is a simple process and only a small amount of information is needed. Please use this form as a template for the necessary information, and return to Kris or Robin for posting on our WPaBC.
Contact Kris: [email protected]
Contact Robin: [email protected]

The following information is required to post a ride:
Ride Date: 6/12/14
Ride Start Time: 9:00 am End time
Mileage: 20 miles
Location: (address preferred) 123 I Live Here Street, Pittsburgh, PA
Description of Ride: At the minimum include pace, terrain, and contact information (phone and/or email

Example 1: Join us for a casual ride (C Pace) through the City of Pittsburgh. The terrain will be mostly flat with a few hills. This will be a no drop ride, with faster riders waiting for slower riders. Rest stops will be available. Contact: Your Name and your email address or phone number (if you prefer).

Example 2: We are headed out to Fox Chapel to do some hill climbing. The pace will be A/B with steep hills. Stops will be minimal. Riders will be expected to stay with the group or follow cue sheet.

Optional information to include but not necessary:
A cue sheet or route link
Rain Cancels
Ride Title
Any additional information relevant to the ride
Ride classifications allow riders to match up rides with their skill level. These ride classifications are pretty
universal and can be used in ride descriptions.

Ride Classification Definitions
A Pace:
16 mph and up. Rolling to hilly terrain, rest stops are at discretion of ride leader.
B Pace: 13 – 15 mph. Rolling to hilly terrain, rest stops are at discretion of ride leader.
C Pace: 11 – 13 mph. Variable terrain, distance is usually 15 -35 miles. No drop with option of a sweep, if
volunteered. Rest stops will be periodically available.
D Pace: Up to 11 mph. Most level terrain, distance is less than 20 miles. Designated sweep: group will wait forall cyclists. Rest stops will be frequent. D Pace rides are a good pace for beginners and families. Try a D pace ride if you are not sure of your abilities.