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We Have a New Logo!

Thanks to Vice President Sarah Quesen for leading the effort to update our logo to reflect our current name “Western Pennsylvania Bicycle Club” (WPaBC”).

Who Will Lead a New Club Jersey Buy?

Now that we have an updated logo, all we need is someone to step forward to lead the effort for a new jersey buy? Whoever leads gets to choose. There are at least 3 options on the table:

  • We drop the new logo into the most recent argyle jersey.
  • Someone has the gumption to lead a new club jersey design and buy.
  • One of our ride group designs a jersey for their group. There was a slight rumble of Team Decaf wanting a jersey last year. As long as the club logo appears somewhere on the jersey, the club is happy to help facilitate.

There are two paths to a jersey buy. The argyle jerseys came from Primal, where we make communal club buys. In that case we need to take orders and the money flows through the club accounts. The second option is working with a supplier that allows orders direct from the supplier once we register a design.

Please contact President Jim or any board member if you want to lead a new jersey buy.

Back to a Google Calendar for our Ride Calendar in 2024

Our ride leaders cheered us to go back to a Google Calendar for our ride calendar in 2024. That makes it easier for our ride leaders to directly edit the calendars HERE. You will find the ride calendar on the website under Calendars. Kris Moser of the Cecil ride group agreed to lead the effort for 2024. Here is the cast of characters helping Kris:

  • Robin Woods – Robin provided a post format which is shared HERE.  She will also likely cross-post some WomenWork (W@W) rides
  • Dan Blumenfeld – The Pittsburgh Randonneurs calendar shows up as a separate Google calendar HERE on on website. They are also on the Pittsburgh Randonneurs’ website THERE.
  • Paul McKeown is a contact for Team Decaf.  Their plan is post a single announcement on the calendar that replicates.  It will direct people how to get on the Team Decaf distribution list.  And/or Robin may assist in migrating weekly info over.
  • Laura @ Sweetwater Bikes – She likely will post Sweetwater shop rides directly.
  • Jim Logan –He likely post the few club events we have, like the Rough Diamond Century.

The Club Picnic and the Rough Diamond Century Cohabitate in 2024

For the Rough Diamond Century, President Jim had a revelation that if the connection on the Allegheny River side is difficult (without the connector that is coming), and the connection on  Mon side is difficult (without the connector that is coming), maybe we should stage the event out of Saltsburg again and just use the good parts between the Allegheny and the Mon (and some of the Westmoreland Trail if needed):  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45279826.

Dave Lusher is working to find us a suitable shelter or such on Saturday August 10 in Saltsburg. Along with the Rough Diamond route, there is the Westmoreland Trail leaving Saltsburg. And since few of us ride near the Kiski Valley, this is a great location for the club picnic. The club will provide a picnic lunch. For people on the Rough Diamond Century, this will be the mid-point meal. For those out on shorter rides, this will be a post-ride gathering. For the end of the Rough Diamond Century, Saltsburg has multiple restaurant options.

Icycle Bicycle Had a Good Year

We had a good turn out for Icycle Bicycle. Perhaps 100 riders on a brisk but not frigid day. We raised $537 for the Community Human Services Food Pantry in South Oakland. Thanks to all who came out!

There-and-Back on the Armstrong and Redbank Creek Trails?

With the Armstrong Trail being extend down to mouth of the Kiskiminetas, President Jim is looking at making an overnight from the area of Schenley to Brookville and back his bicycling staycation this year. 75+ miles each way, depending on where we start. If any others are interested and want to get in the planning to make this a club ride for 2024, contact President Jim at [email protected]. If others aren’t interested, Jim will just do it. The map below shows the 10 miles of new trail supposed to open this spring. The rest of the ride to Brookville is on this RideWithGPS route. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45559832. The article on the new trail bits is HERE.

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  1. Robert Gregory

    Just as an FYI, plans are being made to extend the length of the Armstrong Trail from the end point in Schenley over to Leechburg by summer of this year. Also, construction is ongoing in the Brady’s Bend rail tunnel, slated to wrap up sometime this summer, which will provide access to an additional currently separated 4 miles of trail north toward Catfish. These extensions, when completed, will add approximately 16 miles to the trail. It will also be possible to travel on road along the Kiski River from Leechburg to the trailhead of the Roaring Run trail, and continue on the traditional Rough Diamond route to Saltsburg, the West Penn Trail, and beyond. Just my two cents from a local familiar with the ley of the land.

    • Thanks Robert! Yes, these new trail segments near Schenley really open up a lot of opportunities for those of us that live near Pittburgh. For whatever reason, Schenley feels so myuch closer than Ford City in the perception of a typical Pittsburgh. As in every-day life can take us to Freeport and Lower Burrell, but not so much to Ford City. Or maybe, that is just me.

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