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Our annual Fall Picnic in Cecil Township Park. Shelter 1 on Saturday September 9. This year we have invited Women@Work Bicycling Club to have a joint membership picnic with us. Also, our ride this year is in memory or Dave Bialosky, our long-time membership chair. See the details under Calendar > Club Events .

The Western Pennsylvania Bicycle Club was founded as the Western Pennsylvania Wheelmen (WPW), in 1969, is the longest lived bicycle club in Western PA. We bicycle on roads, gravel, and trails in our region.
As a regional club, we can be thought of as a Pittsburgh bicycling club, a Washington County bicycling club, a Butler County bicycling club, a Westmoreland County bicycling, and so on.
Our purpose is to promote the general interests of bicyclists, to educate bicyclists in safe riding methods in adherence to the State Vehicle Code, to defend the rights of bicyclists, and to advocate the use of bicycles for pleasure, health, and transportation.