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Team Decaf Starting April 9, 2024

Next Tuesday, April 9, the Team Decaf riders not blinded by the eclipse will be trying again to start the 2024 season.  The route is similar to the one planned for last week, but with some minor changes to avoid the wharfs in case the flood waters have not receded, or there is too much flood debris left.

Another change to the route is to first head to the Highland Park entrance.  This week, we are starting at Tazza D’Oro (as we always have) – but in subsequent weeks we will be moving the start/finish of the Team Decaf Tuesday rides to the entrance of Highland Park.  So, we will first bike there to show where those future starts will commence.

The route will then use Euclid to get to East Liberty, then use Coral and Sassafras to drop down to Lawrenceville.  We will then take Penn Ave to Point State Park.  We will cross the pedestrian bridge and come back River Ave to the 31st street bridge.  After that, we will climb back thru Allegheny Cemetery and then squiggle through Stanton Heights before dropping down to return to the start.

The route in RideWithGPS:  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/46078143  17.7 miles, 970 feet elevation gain.

For those that want to continue further, there is an extended route.  It follows the above route, and then adds on more at the end:  a loop around the Highland Park reservoir followed by a drop down to the Bud Harris Oval (where some of the riders will be spending their Tuesdays this summer).  We then do some hill climbing in Larimer just to prove that bike riding doesn’t always have to be fun. 

Here are the routes in Strava:

·        Extended (Two Tops): https://www.strava.com/routes/3209926866389496350

·        Standard (One Top): https://www.strava.com/routes/3210942529947978408

Front and rear lights are recommended.
Sunset will be 7:54PM.  Jason leads

Legalities and Logistics:

Please be sure to sign in at https://forms.gle/TVfJUMVoaXLNswHGA at any time up to the start of the ride. Try to sign up as soon as you know you will be attending to avoid delays at the start. NOTE: YOU MUST SIGN IN FOR EACH WEEK’S RIDE.

Also, consider becoming a member of the Western Pennsylvania Bicycle Club (http://wpwbikeclub.org/).  The insurance policy for this ride only covers those riders that are members, or are riding with Team Decaf for the first time.


Team Decaf rides every Tuesday from April until the first Tuesday in October. The ride starts and finishes at the Welcome Sculptures in Highland Park – which is at the very north end of N Highland Ave at the entrance to Highland Park (intersection with Reservoir Drive).  This a change from the former location of the Tazza D’oro Café. We leave at 6:15pm sharp. Plan to arrive around 6:00pm for pre-ride details.

Ride speed is medium-to-fast paced. We usually break into several groups, based on riders’ skill/speed levels. Ride distance is typically 15 to 30 miles based on the amount of available daylight. Less experienced and slower riders are encouraged to join the group and will be accommodated. Ride leaders for the faster group and new routes are always welcome. 

If it’s wet or raining, the ride is cancelled. There is no formal notification for cancellation. Free to all.



Open to riders 18 years and older. Front and rear lights recommended.

The Team Decaf ride is an activity of the Western Pennsylvania Bicycle Club (http://wpwbikeclub.org/). Follow Team Decaf at https://www.tumblr.com/blog/teamdecaf and  https://bikepgh.org/events/events-calendar/.

Contact Bill ([email protected]) or Paul ([email protected]) or Jason ([email protected]) with questions or to join our Google Group to receive weekly ride details.

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Cecil Rides Starting Maybe April 30.

Watch the Club Calendar HERE for updates on the Cecil Rides if you are not on Chris’s texting group.

Pittsburgh Randonneurs Have a 100 KM and a 200 KM in April

On April 13, the Pittsburgh Randonneurs are riding the Kittens and Puppies Monaca 100K. On April 20, they are riding the Meanville Greenville 200K. See their website HERE.

SweetWater Bikes Thursday Nights Start April 11

We Have a New Club Logo!

Thanks to all those comments. Your comments are HERE. The Board met, per the meeting we announced, and we are using this logo going forward.

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