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Thanks to all that responded to my accidental poll of the membership! It’s great for so many people to get involved. Getting everyone on the same page

  1. We have two reasons for wanting a logo update a) Enable a jersey refresh and buy (provided we also get a volunteer), and (b) to buy a feather flag or two for use at rides/events
  2. Vice President Sarah graciously volunteered to take on the update of changing only the letters on our newish logo. Sarah was part of the team that completed the major logo redesign to the more inclusive one that we have now (and is on our last jersey buy). Thanks Sarah!
  3. President Jim was doing a poll of the Board of Directors, when he accidentally polled the membership. He says, “Hey, people actually responded and gave us things to think about, which is great!”
  4. The table below shows the collected comments from the board, members, and friends of the club:

5. So several high level themes:

  • Why is the “A” even there? WPBC vs WPABC
  • WPABC seems like a dandy option to relative to WPaBC and “the one with a small capital A” (which I can’t type here).

6. We will likely convene a short 15 to 30 minute board meeting within a week or so to wrap this up

7. As to what “A” is even there, President Jim reports “As to WPaBC/WPABC versus WPBC, the short answer on why the “A” is in there from when I did the internet search/branding at the time of the name change.   A 4 letter acronym  has a lot more competition on the internet…” See below what WPBC also is used for below.

Also, try saying “WPA Bike Club”, “WPABC”, and WPBC”. President Jim has been practicing variations in real life for 2 years. He cheers toward “WPA Bike Club”. Perhaps that is kind of parallel to “WPW” coming off the tongue.

So the several discussion points when the board and interested parties meet briefly:

  • “A” or no “A”?
  • Hey, I just discovered that while WPABC and WPaBC are both easy to write in WordPress (the platform our website is on), there isn’t an easy way in text to capture the small A version here (though you can readily do it in Word or email, for example)

Follow-up Zoom to be scheduled soon.

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