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The Pittsburgh Randonneurs are celebrating De’Anna Caligiuri’s completion of the Trans Am Bike Race Saturday, July 30th at 4 PM at Voodoo Brewery. RBA Dan Blumenfeld announced: “In honor of De’Anna’s Trans Am completion, let’s have an informal get-together on Saturday July 30th…we can ply her with belated rehydration beverages and demand stories of her journey.”

De’Anna Caligiuri completes the 2022 Trans Am Bike Race.

Trek of Robinson is celebrating Paul Kopko’s 600th shop ride on Sunday July 31st. The ride starts at 9:30 AM, and they will have “Food, Refreshments, and Fun after the ride.” If you have ever ridden Paul’s shop rides, please come out to show your appreciation to Paul!

Paul Kopko in front in yellow at one of his many Trek of Robinson shop rides.

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