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The board met tonight (April 7), and we are planning 1 club event per se: A Fall club picnic in Cecil Park like last year. Details to follow.

As to social rides, at least once a month, we plan a ride that combines a rail-trail and a brewery, pub, or restaurant. Starting the season in April, the Spring Kickoff matches the North Park trail with the Cadence Club-house. A few additional easy matches:

  • Panhandle Trail with Helicon Brewing
  • Butler-Freeport Trail (Butler start) with Butler Brew Works
  • Downtown trails with nearly any brewery/restaurant in the city.
  • We welcome more suggestions.

We will work to coordinate with Women @ Work, so we have multiple clubs participating and groups on the trails.

Speaking of other clubs, we are thinking of a “Visit with…” series. Probably the first one is “Visit with PMTCC” on their Wednesday night right, either in late April or early May (depending on weather). That is, let’s go visit other standing rides in the greater Pittsburgh region.

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