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  • We are having a discussion of a new club jersey buy HERE.
  • Ride Groups are riding:
    • Team Decaf – Tuesday nights – communicates internally with their own email list
    • Cecil Township – Tuesday nights – communicates either via texts or the club calendar
    • Sweetwater Bikes Shop Ride – Thursday nights
    • Trek of Robinson invites all to ride on Sunday mornings (not a club ride) – communicates on Facebook
    • Pittsburgh Randonneurshttps://pittsburghrandonneurs.com/ – Communicates also on Facebook and has an email group. June rides:
  • Note that we don’t have anyone leading gravel rides in 2024 – yet
  • Our ride calendar for 2024 is here: https://wpabikeclub.com/calendar-western-pa-bicycle-club/
  • As on May 31, we have 107 paid club members. Note that the only way to join the club is via the membership page HERE.

Rough Diamond Century and Club Picnic – August 10

We are going to mash together the club picnic and the Rough Diamond Century. Details out next month. Back of envelope plan:

  • What combines the two events in lunch at the outdoor seating area at the Point Street Tavern in Saltsburg.
  • The club picnic will start and end in Saltsburg. Routes will be a combination of the trails within riding distance – West Penn Trail, Westmoreland Heritage Trail, and via the Apollo’s Kiski Riverfront trail and roads through Apollo, the new Armstrong Trails section of the Allegheny River Trail north from Schenley (i.e. across the river from Freeport).
  • For the nominal Rough Diamond Century this year, we are likely setting aside the full Rough Diamond Century route as we wait for the connectors to finish on both the Mon and Allegheny sides of the leg through Apollo, Saltsburg, and Monroeville. Instead we will leverage the new section of the Armstrong County Trail to go north along the Allegheny River.
  • Where the Rough Diamond Century starts is TBD.

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