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Randonneuring is recreational ultra-distance riding.  The website home for Pittsburgh Randonneurs is HERE.  Pittsburgh Randonneurs offers rides that are describes as Brevets or Populaires that are sanctioned by Randonneurs USA (RUSA)

These rides as such are not sponsored by the Western PA Bicycle Club, and not covered by our insurance policies (general liability and member’s medical).  However, Pittsburgh Randonneurs are associated with the club, as they operate legally under our Pennsylvania non-profit entity (Western Pennsylvania Wheelmen, Ltd), utilize our PayPal and bank accounts, and the club underwrites some of their web expenses.

You must be a member of RUSA to ride sanctioned brevets and populaires.  Western PA Bicycle Club does not require randonneuring participants to join our club.   But we think it is neighborly if you do.  Annual club membership is just $20 per year.

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